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Islamic lessons at Omar Kampong Melaka Mosque as resumed after the year-long renovations of the mosque. Please refer to the calendar below.

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In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Peace and Blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad as well as his family & companions

Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.

We represent the Ikhwan (members) of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Sufi Order in Singapore under the guidance of Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi bin Hassan, who holds the ijazah (certification to initiate) as the wakil khalifah (representative) by the esteemed Shaykhul Tariqah Sayyid Ahmad Idris (otherwise more popularly known as Shaykh “Ibn Idris”).

Shaykh Ibn Idris is a direct descendant of the al-Qutb al-Imam Ahmad bin Idris --- founder of the Sufi Order --- from his father’s blessed linealogy i.e. Sayyid Ahmad Idris bin Muhammad al-Hassan bin Muhammad asy-Syarif bin Abdul Ali bin al-Qutb al-Imam Ahmad bin Idris al-Fasi.

Ustaz Hasbi dengan Shaykh Ahmad Idris

As Ustaz Hasbi has been entrusted as the wakil khalifah of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Sufi Order in Singapore, he works closely and recognises the esteemed Mufti of Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia) – Shaykh  Muhammad Murtaza bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Sa’id al-Linggi – as Khalifah of Ahmadiah Idrisiah Sufi Order who holds the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Ikhwan in this region of South East Asia.

Our main activities are conducted at Kassim Mosque (Changi Rd), Hj Muhd. Sallleh (Palmer Rd) and Omar Kg Melayu Mosque (Keng Cheow St). Nevertheless, we had been conducting our activities at Kassim Mosque for the longest time, dated back as early as since the mosque was on its old premises. In the past (prior to the renovations works in 1999), the activites of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Sufi Order such as congregational zikir sessions and religious classes/sermons were led by the hounorable Shaykh Abdul Rashid bin Muhammad Sa’id al-Linggi, and continued by al-Marhum Ustaz Othman bin Mohammad Yusof thereafter before eventually being trusted upon Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi till present.

We are sincerely grateful to the Mosques’ Management Committees on their continued co-operation, permission and understanding in our utilization of the premises, which in turn propels the prosperity of the mosque and increases the richness of the mosque activities.

Mjd Kassim Mjd Hj Muhd Salleh Mjd Omar Kampong Melaka

Among these activites are the weekly congregational zikir sessions that are led by Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi. These sessions are conducted after the congregational Isya’ prayers in the Main Hall of the mosque as follow :
1) Kassim Mosque on Sundays
2) Omar Kg Melaka Mosque on Thurdays

Congregational zikir sessions are also conducted in Haji Muhd Salleh Mosque (Palmer Rd – Maqam Habib Nuh) and are led by the respectable Haji Yahya who is a member of the extended family of the honourable Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al Linggi radhiAllahu 'anhu. These sessions are held every Sunday after Isyak prayers, in the prayer hall.

The purpose of having zikir sessions that run concurrently at varied places is that the Ikhwan is given the priviledge of quenching their spiritual thirst without the burden of travelling far because the venues are strategically located for ease.
However, all the Ikhwan will gather together every 1st Sunday of the month at the blessed Hj Muhd Salleh Mosque (Palmer Rd – Maqam Habib Nuh radhiAllahu 'anhu) to participate in the congregational zikir session which take place in the Main Prayer Hall after the congregational Isya’ prayers. The session will be led by the esteemed Shaykh Faiz bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Sa’id al-Linggi (younger brother of the esteemed Mufti Shaykh Murtaza).

Ikwan would also gather under the same roof i.e. at Hj Muhd Salleh Mosque (Palmer Rd) or Kassim Mosque whenever there is a major event e.g. hol (death anniversary) celebrations of the founding fathers and masyaikh of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Order as well as important Islamic calendar events like Maulidur Rasul SAW, Isra’ Mikraj, Nifsu Syaaban, etc.

Kassim Mosque is also the venue for our Ikhwan to gather on the last Sunday of every month for the Qiyamulail prayers (around 3.30 am) as a congregation led by Ustaz Hasbi who will incorporate specific zikirs unique to the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Order and eventually finishing off the Night Prayers with the congregational Subuh prayers and a sermon thereafter till sunrise.

We hope that through this website, the followers of the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Order would be brought closer together and forge a continued bond of brotherhood. We seek to share the knowledge we gathered regarding this blessed Order with a wider audience and share the fruits of spirituality that is craved for.

In the process that we may have infringed upon any particular parties regarding the use of materials that are incorporated to this website, we do hope you contact us if permission is deemed necessary. We are constantly in the midst of updating and seeking copyright permission and appreciate your utmost understanding.

We sincerely pray that this gesture would benefit all those who seek out information regarding the Ahmadiah Idrisiah Order in Singapore.

Wassalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.

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